Freitag, 24. Juli 2009

Sao Paulo

i LiKe SP, thE PeoPle are FriEndLy, thE cAipiRina isssss tAsty, you find gOoD CluBs to mAkE PartY (on a monDay "ThE pLaCe 2 Be" is UrBaNo), FoGo dE cHaO is a qUieT gOod AdRess to EaT...
@ sKy BaR yOu hAve a wOnDerFuL viEw OvEr SP , toooooo joIn a dRiNk after DiNner :)
On A sAtUrDay you have a cRazy MarkeT, tHere you Can FiNd BeAtles & RoLLiNg StOneS LP'S
(alSo FoOd * dRiNkz * mUsiC * other NiCe tHinGs)

FoR a RelAxinG DaY you just Go tO a PaRk oR MuSeum Or @ EdIfiCio ItAlIa (CAiPi TiMe)
tHis tiMe i WilL mEet tHe aRtiSt ZezaO (lets see whats sTyLeZ he will MaKe WiTh HiS aRt).............

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