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Foreign Rights Guide 2014 - Dear Colleagues, following Books are available

Was die Kiste enthält / What the box keeps in

Gerardo Suzán has written and illustrated “What the box keeps in” for the curious children who are specialists at solving enigmas. The story is about a girl who finds by a chance a mysterious collection of objects from bygone days, and she realizes there were some pictures of persons who give her a familiar impression.
Where are the clues leading to? This is the story of a long distant journey to discover. People around the world are always in movement, either looking for a better place to live, better harvest, a kinder weather, or just obeying the urge to run away and leave everything known behind. Migration has always been a central topic on Gerardo Suzán’s artistic career. In this book he talks to the children about the importance of self identity and cultural roots.

Artist: Gerardo Suzán
Pages: 48, Format 30 x 30 cm
Age: 8 and up
Spring 2014

All Rights available

Traum, Reise, Nudelwalze / I Dreamed...

The book “I Dreamed...” is a journey into the depths of the subconscious. An invitation to join a surreal adventure, to wander through a world without meaning. Children will identify with this world which, while it doesn’t seem to make sense, belongs to the childhood imagination.

Artist: Alexiev Gandman
Pages: 36, Format 20 x 20 cm
Age: 7 and up
Spring 2013

All Rights available

Als das Nashorn fliegen lernte / And then the rhinoceros began to fly

And then the rhinoceros began to fly tells the story of animals that embark on a journey and discover their dreams. The unusual images are a mixture of paper mache, collage, and love.

Artist: Nadia Adina Rose
Pages: 36, Format 25 x 34 cm
Age: 4 and up
Autumn 2012

Rights sold to Brazil

Die sonderbare Verwandlung des Circus Kunterbunt
/ The curious transformation of the Lippiano Circus

The Circus by the Lippiano family had seen many changes over the years. And so the Lippiano Circus lost the magic that had made it so special. the monkey Banana Joe then decided to call all the circus animals together for a meeting.

Artist: Felix Busse / Naeko Ishida
Pages: 40, Format 25 x 25 cm
Age: 4 and up
Autumn 2011

All Rights available

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