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Interview with “MISS COLOMBIA” Briana Alegria

Photo: Briana Alegria/Desiree Sarver

Photo: Briana Alegria/Orlando Holwerda

Photo: Briana Alegria/Orlando Holwerda

Interview with “MISS COLOMBIA” Briana Alegria

The Pageant “Queen of the Universe” is produced by Oscar/Academy Award winner Michael Ohoven and “Miss World”, “Miss Universe Puerto Rico” and “Miss Puerto Rico” Joyce Giraud.

Briana-Alegria how did you feel when you knew you where in the last round to become “Miss Colombia”?

I was extremely excited, happy and also of course a little nervous.

Congratulations “Miss Colombia” how do you feel now?

I just feel honored. This title is a big responsibility and I’m happy I can use this title to get more attention for topics that concern me. Creating awareness with a title like this is really a bit easier. A foundation I care deeply about is “People for People- Menschen für Menschen (MfM)”, it is an organization that teaches and helps to provide water and nourishment, enables education and gives medical support in Ethiopia, Africa.

We read you’ve been to Ethiopia to visit this organization?

Yes 6 years ago I flew to Ethiopia. To me it is very important to know who you do support and what kind of work they do. I think it is essential to give first aid but in the long run the goal has to be to “help them, help themselves”. MfM has built 358 schools, 1924 water fountains, built 3 hospitals and showed numerous farmers how to survive during a famine catastrophe.

How are you going to prepare for “Queen of the Universe” on March 16th?

Well, I will prepare for the questions on stage, keep in shape with our daily dance training in high heels and do my daily work out. But as I’m a full time actress, I will also go to auditions and work as a performer.

“Miss Colombia” Briana Alegria (Briana-Alegria Marie Herrenknecht) was born in Germany to a Colombian ceramic artist and German engineer. After graduating from language college she studied at the famous and well-known Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in New York. She lives and works as an actress in Los Angeles.

We wish “Miss Colombia” Briana Alegria all the best for her future and look forward seeing her soon in her upcoming movie project “We Are Your Friends” shooting along Zac Efron, music Video “Maps” with Maroon 5 and U2’s “Invisible” a music video in cooperation with Bank of America in support of RED (against Aids in Africa) which will have it’s premiere during this years Super Bowl commercials.

Interview: Felix Busse / Vielflieger Verlag (17.02.2014)

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